Saaf India started as a project at THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. THNK is a new global institute with the mission to catalyze breakthrough innovation for the world’s societal challenges, and to accelerate the development of next generations of creative leaders. Saaf India's founders believe that visionary leadership and creative approaches are needed to turn the complex waste problem into opportunities for innovation. Saaf India's team and partners are inspired by India's beautiful culture and nature, and are dedicated to create inspiring and holistic solutions that will have transformational impact on India.


Saaf India is a non-profit foundation, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and operating in India. Throughout 2012 and 2013 Saaf India’s founding team and partners have contributed to the foundation’s work on a pro-bono basis. The foundation has received financial support from the Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi as well as donations from Saaf India friends for specific smaller projects. The foundation plans to become a social enterprise in the future. In 2014 Saaf India plans to execute a series of design research, concept development and prototype experimentation projects, together with an ecosystem of experts from around the world.