MADHAV PAI, Director, Embarq India

Madhav Pai

Director, Embarq India

Madhav Pai is the Director of EMBARQ India and is responsible for overall leadership and management of the program. Madhav has led and managed EMBARQ’s involvement in BRT and city bus system projects in various cities, as well as in capacity building initiatives with the Ministry of Urban Development, the World Bank and the British High Commission. Madhav is the lead author of “Bus Karo” (a guidebook on bus operations and planning), “Role of Auto- Rickshaws in Sustainable Transport” and “India Transport Indicators”. Prior to joining EMBARQ India he was Regional Director in South Asia at Citilabs, Senior Transportation Planner at Dowling Associates Inc., and a researcher at the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of California Berkeley. Madhav holds a Master’s Degree in Transport Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. He is based in Mumbai, India.