RAHUL DACUNHA, Director, daCunha Communications

Rahul daCunha

Director, daCunha Communications

Rahul daCunha divides his time between advertising, theatre and travel. He is the Creative Director of daCunha Communications, the agency that has produced the famous Amul campaigns for 50 years. He writes, directs and produces plays like “Class of 84”, “Pune Highway”, and “Me, Kash & Cruise”. His productions have travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, England and the United States. He began his theatre career in 1984, directing Tom Topor’s courtroom drama “Nuts”. In 1991, his production of Gurcharan Das’ “Larins Sahib” was the first Indian play to be staged at the Edinburgh Festival. He is an extensive traveller and passionate photographer. He is based in Mumbai, India.